You know the power of affirmations, right?​

Used correctly, they can accelerate your progress toward any goal or vision you may have, because affirmations have the potential to change your core limiting beliefs…which opens the door to truly Infinite Abundance in any area! I have been asked on more than one occasion by clients and students if I could make available recordings of myself, giving personalized positive messages to the listener… messages that are specifically for THEM, and not just generic affirmations. 

Now, this is possible, and for less than $100.


You can provide me with up to 15 of your most powerful visionary affirmations – complete with personal details that would make the affirmation all the more powerful for YOU – and I will record these with a meditative and almost hypnotic musical background – and deliver them to you as a high-quality MP3 file that you can play on your phone, computer, or other portable digital audio device!


Perfect for meditation sessions where you REALLY want to laser in on your most important areas of transformation, these programs are infused with extremely powerful Energy of Intention…Intention that you actually achieve the vision you’re hear to create.


That means that I am an absolute STAND for you having exactly what you want, and my sincere intention is to infuse these recordings with as much Energy as I can that is in alignment with you moving into vibrational alignment with what you want as a result of listening.

I simply had to thank you for the affirmations recording you made for me. I listened to it in a loop while exercising and felt wonderful. I realized that I was walking around with an ear to ear grin and really having feelings of joy. I just want to thank you again and would encourage everyone to order your recorded affirmations. One last thing… When I returned home I checked the mail and found a check for $141.00 in the mail from a car dealership that I had purchased a vehicle from 10 months ago. There was no letter but as far as I know they owed me nothing. I love when the Law of Attraction happens!


Jim Ghiglieri

THANKS! The recording is absolutely wonderful – even better than I was expecting- and I was expecting it to be brilliant!


Charlotte Squire

I just received my custom affirmation mp3. These are just wonderful! Your best idea to date! So thank you for dreaming this idea up. This is the best money I ever spent, and I will use these faithfully. I hope everyone who invests in these affirmations gets a shower of blessings and good feelings in their lives, and that this spreads out around them for the good of all. I hope they all feel as good as I do right now.


Suzanne S

For as much as I’ve tried to reprogram my thinking with positive messaging, there’s something very special about having those messages delivered by Bob. In addition to the flexibility and readiness of the MP3 (which is on my computer and my phone), the messages are intimately targeted and when read in Bob’s confident, soothing voice, they resonate deeply. This is a very special gift.


Deborah B. - Los Angeles

Here's the Real Power In All This...

So many amazing studies have been done that show the power of “shared intention.”  That is, it’s one thing for you to have an intention about what you want to attract, but when you’re joined by one or more others, the Energy is even more powerful – and when I record these affirmations, I absolutely hold the powerful intention that these affirmations become your everyday experience of reality! And you’ll be able to clearly hear that in my voice….

A Few Examples...

Click the Play Button to hear a few examples of how these affirmations can be used.

You can hear that there are TWO ways to write your affirmations:

  1. You can use standard “present tense” affirmations, but because I will be reading them, instead of saying “I….(whatever the affirmation is)”, you will say “You…”. This will be ME speaking powerfully that your affirmation is true.
  2. You can use a “future visioning” technique. These affirmations would be stated like, “WOW, I’m so amazed at how successfully you….(whatever you want to have accomplished)” and “Remember how it felt when you…(you get the idea).

Bob Doyle has been using his voice professionally nearly all his life. With a background in broadcasting dating back to the mid-80’s Bob’s voice has been used on radio, tv, and countless media productions of every type.


Known for his deep resonate speaking voice, he is well-suited and often chosen as the voice for mediation-like recordings. His ability to create an intimate connection with his voice creates the perfect listening environment for recorded affirmations.

So Here's How it Works...

  1. After ordering, you’ll be taken to a form where you’ll submit up to 15 Affirmations you want to be read.
  2. Try to be as PERSONAL as possible, so that when you hear these affirmations, they REALLY mean something!
  3. You don’t have to submit them right away! You’ll be sent a link via e-mail where you can return to submit your Affirmations.
  4. If I have any questions about your affirmations, I will contact you immediately.
  5. If you wish, I can add my own recommendations to your affirmations based on my many years experience with using them.
  6. I will record your affirmations in an energetic state of absolutely standing for your results, and deliver the recording to you as a high-quality MP3 file which you can play from any device you have that supports the MP3 format!
  7. You will also be provided with an Affirmation Creation Guide to help you craft JUST the right affirmation for your needs!
  8. And of course, you’ll learn how to use your Secret Weapon that will make your affirmations even more effective!

A Few Common Questions and Answers

How Long Are The Recordings?


The recordings last about 15 minutes and cycle through your affirmations at regular intervals, repeating them over the course of the recording.


What If I Don't Know How to Create Affirmations?​​​​​​​


We guide you through the process and offer specific suggestions to help you. You can always contact us for personal help if necessary.


Are they really personal to ME?

EVERY affirmation on your recording is recorded specifically for you as per your instructions. It’s a completely custom job.


How Quickly Will I Get The Recording?

Bob will do his best to have your recording to you within 72 hours of your order. There may be some instances where this is not possible, but you will be notified of this.


Is This Appropriate for Children?


Absolutely! Instilling children with empowering thoughts and feelings about themselves and their future is more critical than ever! Talk to your child about what kind of messages would be exciting to them, and give them the gift of self-empowerment!

Normally $497


​1 Payment of $97

Your Personalized Affirmations

This is a limited-time offer.

YOUR Personalized Affirmations + Read by Bob Doyle + Super High-Quality MP3


Meditative Music

Affirmations Cycle Repeatedly with space between each to let each Affirmation take Energetic Hold!


A Full 15 Minutes in length!


Delivered in less than 72 hours!

The Custom Affirmation recording service is being offered by Bob Doyle for a limited time.


If you understand the potential power of effective affirmations, you’ll immediately understand the value these recordings can have.


After ordering, you will be presented with instructions on how to get your affirmation statements to Bob Doyle and how to approach writing them. An email will also be  sent with instructions on how to submit your affirmations.


We will even help guide you in the affirmation creation process if you need help!


Just click the “Record My Affirmations” button to get started!