The Simplest Method for Manifesting a Life you Love.

There is a REASON this book is a CLASSIC.


When you follow what it actually says, everything just WORKS.


...maybe you have all but given up on it...but you REALLY don't want to.


Because although you may feel a bit frustrated by a lack of results, or confused by all the "techniques and tools" out there, you still know that somewhere in all of this information is the Truth - that we truly are the creators of our experience.


But if you've tried virtually everything, and particularly if you've saturated yourself with programs and techniques that you're worried about getting "wrong," well I have great news for you.



Here's what you really need to know: This is NOT supposed to be hard...or tricky. 


There is nothing more natural than creating our reality, and you're doing it RIGHT NOW...and you don't even have to believe in "woo woo" ideas to see it.


Right now, you are making meaning out of every moment, and you're probably doing it on autopilot. 


Your persistent thoughts will ultimately guide the action you take (or don't take) in your life. It doesn't take a quantum physicist to see that.


Yet there is something very juicy about understand the mechanics of our creative process - so that we can STOP doing the things that keep sabotaging our vision for a life we love, and instead impress the "thinking stuff" that is the Universe with a consistent vision and feeling of the life we truly want.


The reason this is difficult it simple.


We're wired.


But the GREAT news is...


The term "rewiring" is absolutely accurate in describing what this course will do for you.


Right now, your actions are being determined by the wiring of your brain...how you interpret things, the meaning you make from it, how you respond emotionally, and then what action you take. 


What you will learn, if you don't know already, is that the thoughts you're having RIGHT NOW, are the thoughts that are determining your future. If you're living in reaction mode and only focusing on problems - "woo woo" or not - you're only going to create more problems.



A special in-depth, chapter by chapter breakdown of "The Science of Getting Rich," facilitated by Bob Doyle, featured expert in the film and book "The Secret."


After years of teaching the complexities of the Law of Attraction, Bob is bringing you back to the basics - and it's really all you need to know.


Implementing what you learn, however, is imperative...and implementation requires a clear understanding of the "instructions" you're trying to follow.


Understanding and living these principles is a Gold Mine...but, generally speaking, requires a much bigger "rewiring" overhaul than you are likely able to get through without some guidance. 


There are things about the way you think that have brought you to this point. Without new ways of thinking, and constant guidance and "prodding" to make sure your thoughts are serving you, your Ego will simply interpret what you learn in a way that is more likely to keep you where you are, than to inspire growth - because the Ego resists change with everything its got.


This is why this course exists.


So that you will be able to squeeze every bit of learning that you can from this book. Too often, people read this book and just "gloss over" the points that don't make immediate sense, or they interpret in a way that is alignment with their current beliefs.


That simply doesn't serve you. There are no "wasted" or "extra" words. Understand them ALL before you walk away from living these principles.


The "SOGR EXPLAINED" program leaves no stone unturned, and no seemingly abstract idea unaddressed. You will have an entirely new level of understanding that will serve you massively with regards to the quality of your life.


We know that you don't have time for lengthy video and audio modules, and would prefer shorter segments so the information is easier to digest and integrate.


We've broken the individual chapters into sections where necessary to keep each training module between 10-15 minutes MAX.


Each section will have a short assignment to help you integrate what was covered.


Preface and Chapter 1


"The Right to Be Rich"

In order to allow prosperity into your life, you must abandon any belief system that it is wrong to be rich, or that you are otherwise undeserving of wealth.

Chapter 2 


"There is a Science of Getting Rich"

It's vital to know that there IS a science to all this, but you don't have to be a quantum physicist to use any of this information. 

Chapter 3


"Is Opportunity Monopolized?"

You must learn to let go of the idea that you are limited in what you can achieve simply because of your current circumstances.

Chapter 4


"The First Principle..."

...of the Science of Getting Rich.


Here we set the foundation for the entire process. You've heard that everything is Energy. Let's hear that a different way.

Chapter 5


"Increasing Life"

Understanding that the very nature of the Universe is to INCREASE life, it's a lot easier to let go of any notions of lack and scarcity. These ideas are totally man-made.

Chapter 6


"How Riches Come to You"

The process of manifestation often absolutely defies logic. There is often no way for us to know how things will occur, and trying to "figure it out" often slows the process.

Chapter 7 



Truly a human superpower, Gratitude is what makes this whole thing as effortless as possible. Be willing to expand your ideas of how gratitude works.

Chapter 8


"Thinking in the Certain Way"

What is this "certain way" - and why is it important to ALWAYS think in this way if we wish to manifest anything with certainty?

Chapter 9


"How to Use the Will"

The use of your will in this process is critical - but you never use your will to try to control the actions of others. Use of your will is between you, and the "thinking stuff."

Chapter 10


"Further Use of the Will"

You do not have the LUXURY of basking in negative or thoughts of lack and limitation. Learn why even a little exposure to these things can derail your efforts significantly.

Chapter 11


"Acting in the Certain Way"

"Thinking in the certain way" creates the opportunity for you to take action. And it must be done swiftly.  This module is all about knowing when to take action.

Chapter 12


"Efficient Action"

You understand that the manifestation process requires action...but WHAT action?  How do you know what to do?

Chapter 13 


"Getting Into the Right Business"

The business in which you choose to engage, AND the philosophy with which you approach it, means the difference between thriving and struggling.


What is the best avenue for YOUR riches?

Chapter 14


"The Impression of Increase"

How to literally infuse "increase" into every interaction you have with others, and how you benefit!

Chapter 15


"The Advancing Man"

This is all about the increase of life. To experience that ongoingly, we must be growing ourselves - always striving to advance.

Chapter 16


"Some Cautions..."

...and concluding observations.



Chapter 17


"A Summary..."

...of the Science of Getting Rich.


Let's review your understanding of the principles discussed in the course.

What Next?

Congratulations! You've completed the course. So what can you do from this point on to assure success?

For over two decades, I have been teaching principles of "creating your reality" from a wide variety of angles.

THIS course is an "update" of all I've learned, and what I truly believe is what you really need to know.

Bob Doyle 



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Bob Doyle has been teaching Law of Attraction principles since 1998, and has taught thousands of students through his "Wealth Beyond Reason Program" which led to his appearance in the film and book phenomenon, "The Secret." 

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